Your Partner in Medical Care

As a trusted healthcare provider, you understand that not every patient benefits from standard treatments.

Our physician co-market services

As Houston’s leading physician co-market service, we understand that your patients’ needs are diverse and the demands on your local lab may cause an inordinate wait time for your patients. We offer supplemental healthcare services that can alleviate the load on your labs and give you a better overall diagnosis of your patients’ needs. We offer exceptional genetic, bloodwork, and metabolic testing, as well as pharmaceutical services at discounted rates. Give your office a great option for patient treatment—contact us today.

Effective lab testing and prompt results

Abnormal patient lab results can lead to a backlog of testing requirements and wait times. We can help expedite the process. Our labs are fully licensed and have the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment needed to give you prompt results. We also offer health counseling, prescriptions, and exercise programs that can be personalized to your patients’ individual needs. Find out more by contacting us today.

Give your patients options

Often, a more comprehensive approach is needed to effectively treat ongoing health issues including obesity, diabetes, and other insipid problems. We offer comprehensive healthcare counseling, supplements, and testing for patients personalized to their specific needs. Our online resources and support groups are integrated with mobile apps that help patients self-track their fitness progress. Support your patients’ passion for health by offering them a great toolset of health options through Ways2Well.